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What is your favorite guilty pleasure?

When my husband was deployed, I had plenty of things to fill my time since I had to pick up the tasks that he would normally do around the house. Especially when our 3 kids were young! I had to set aside time to do something I enjoyed, to treat myself. Whenever I was feeling particularly down, I used to take a day, order pizza, and binge-watch Hallmark Movies. Cheesy, romantically, sappy, feel-good Hallmark Movies. They always put me in a better mood. Now that we are passed our deployment days, I will still sometimes tune in to the Hallmark Channel if I get the tv to myself. Hubby laughs at me for watching them, but that's ManChild still plays video we all have something!

What is your favorite guilty pleasure while your spouse is deployed? What do you do to treat yourself when you need ME TIME? Let us know in the comments!


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