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Volunteer Spotlight

Time for another volunteer spotlight! Meet Susan. Susan has been a Navy spouse for 12 years and has been a COMPASS mentor for 7 years. While she is well versed in many of our COMPASS sections, her favorite section to teach is Navy History & Traditions. When asked why she said, "I think it really builds that foundation for spouses to better understand the Navy as an organization and not just a career choice. I think it helps spouses understand the WHY behind their Sailors joining and that they too play an important part in supporting the mission."

So why does Susan love to volunteer for our organization? "My favorite thing about volunteering for COMPASS and FamilyLine is I feel like I’m actually making a difference in the lives of spouses. The information we’re sharing isn’t sea stories and scuttlebutt. It’s practical, important information they are going to need to make the best they can of this crazy Navy life. I love sharing my experiences and learning from others. And I’m so grateful for the friends I’ve made along the way!"

Thank you Susan, for all that you do!

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