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Volunteers Make a Difference

Today we have a special video for our Spanish speaking families out there! Check out the video or read the translation below. Translation: Happy Birthday Naval Services Family Line! My name is Baby Anduze and I’m in Bremerton, WA. Today, I would like to briefly share my experience with Family Line. My first interaction was with COMPASS when my husband and I had been living the Navy life for about two years. I decided to take the class since I did not know much about the Navy. It was great to learn so much about the benefits and entitlements I had as a spouse. I learned about the acronyms I heard every day and never understood. But the most important thing I experienced was seeing other wives, at the time, giving their free time to educate me and help improve my day to day life in the Navy. That was the best lesson I learned, and what helped me years later decide to mentor and help other fellow military families. The other tool I believe very important is Fleet and Family Services. I remember in 2015, my husband and I moved to the west coast when he changed communities in the Navy. We had never lived in the area and I didn’t know many people. So, I decided to go to Fleet and Family Services to see what opportunities they had in volunteerism so I could get involved in the community. This is how I got involved with CORE and with other private organizations that benefit military families. It was exactly what I needed at the time. With that said, if you have free time to give, or if you have questions about how to navigate the Navy Life, I recommend you use Family Line. They have all these resources for us so please take advantage of all they have to offer. Thank you. I wish you much success and good luck!

Today, YOU are the one who can make a difference, so please consider making a donation to ensure that we are able continue our mission to help sea service families.

55+1 Birthday Campaign | Naval Services FamilyLine

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