Supporters and Donors

The success of our mission would not be possible without the support of the following groups and organizations. They have contributed time and money to fund various programs that support our sea service families.

For their generosity and commitment to sea service families, we would like to thank:

  • Misawa Officers’ Spouses’ Club, Misawa Japan
  • Battelle Memorial Institute
  • Boutiki Gift Shop
  • Submarine Officers’ Spouses’ Charitable Association, Washington
  • Naval Officers’ Spouses’ Club of Washington DC
  • Officers’ Spouses’ Club of Whidbey Island
  • Society of Sponsors of the US Navy
  • Naval Officers’ Spouses’ Club of San Diego
  • Pearl Harbor Submarine Spouses Charity Organization
  • Navy Wives Clubs of America, Eleanor Roosevelt #37
  • The Treasure Shop, Norfolk, VA
  • Navy League of the U.S., National Capital Council
  • Naval Nuclear Power Training Command, Chief Petty Officer Association, Goose Creek, SC
  • Religious Offering Center, Naval Academy
  • Submarine Officers Spouses’ Association, Norfolk
  • Team Charleston Spouses Club
  • Tidewater Officers’ Spouses’ Association
  • USAA
  • and many sea service families and individuals