Brackets For Good

Hello Fellow FamilyLine Fans!!!

Yes, we are acting, this month, as true fans of and players for a great team: Naval Services FamilyLine!  Picture our team of 200+ volunteers, globally, forming a basketball team. Imagine the annual Men’s or Women’s NCAA College Basketball tournament, but replace the teams with non-profit organizations. They advance (or win their game) by raising more money than their opposition. That’s what we are doing, we are playing in a tournament (held in DC) for the grand prize of $5,000!!!!!!!!!!! 

We have just begun our first bracket competition with a local DC non-profit.  Team play goes until midnight this coming Sunday, 3/10 - for the first bracket.  Our team can only score points to win by acquiring donations.  We get one point for every dollar.  Here’s the strategy kicker.  Our competition might very well wait until late on Sunday to kick in all of their donations - therefore catching us off guard and winning by a margin.  We need to be prepared for a last minute rally.  My advice, as well as that of key board members, is to watch the brackets carefully and how they progress through Sunday night!

Instead of your traditional “date” to watch “Downton Abbey” on Sunday night - think of the Brackets For Good competition!  Let’s get involved and win the grand prize! The website is

Go Team Familyline!!!