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Thank you to MilitaryOneClickMilitary One Click for inviting us to take part in their monthly Charity Challenge and thank you to our fans and supporters for voting. It was a close race that made for an exciting month here at FamilyLine and we are honored to have been included.

Bravo Zulu to our competition, OutServe and Train a Dog, Save a Warrior, both outstanding organizations serving our military community.

Give Back with MilitaryOneClick

MilitaryOneClickEach month MilitaryOneClick hosts a “Charity Challenge” to bring awareness to military-focused organizations and calls on visitors to help them decide which charity should receive their monthly donation. This month Naval Services FamilyLine is honored to be included in the challenge.

To show your support, visit and vote for Naval Services FamilyLine.

Show Your Support!

Show your support for the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) by wearing Red, White and Blue Friday, Sept. 27!!!

The CFC is the largest and most successful workplace fundraising campaign in the world. Over the past 50 years, the CFC has raised $7 billion to help neighbors in need around the corner, across the nation and throughout the world.

The Combined Federal Campaign of the National Capital Area (CFCNCA) is the local campaign for federal employees in the Washington Metropolitan Area. Please consider supporting Naval Services FamilyLine this year.

Naval Services FamilyLine makes it possible to help military families. You can make it possible, too, by designating us through the CFC.
Our designation number is 71112.

Naval Services FamilyLine (NSFL) is THE source for mentoring Sea Service Families since 1965.  Experienced spouses volunteer to mentor others through programs such as the COMPASS course, Command Spouse training, the Guideline series, and the CORE Library.

You can find NSFL support, classes and materials anywhere in the world. Search our website at or call us at 877-673-7773.

An online CFC pledge option is now available for donors through the MyPay website.

A Word From Our Chairman, Beth Mulloy

My name is Beth Mulloy and I relieved Gina Buzby as Chairman at the end of June. I have very big shoes to fill but I am looking forward to the challenge. For more the 25 years, I have volunteered with Family Readiness Groups and at FamilyLine. With respect to FamilyLine I started with the Submarine Spouse Packing Parties in the early 90’s. Following that I served on the Advisory Board for the Command Spouse Leadership Course, chaired the CO/XO Conference in Washington, DC and Connecticut, served with the COMPASS Teams in Guam and Hawaii and also assisted with CORE activities in Hawaii.

I know many of you volunteer and that you all put in a tremendous amount of time and effort in your specific volunteer activities. I appreciate all you have done for our spouses and I look forward to meeting and working many of you.
Thank you,

Guidelines for CPO Spouses - EPUB Edition

We are very happy to announce that the Guidelines for Spouses of Chief Petty Officers is now available in a digital format that can be downloaded and read from your favorite e-reader. This version is compatible with Apple iBooks on the iPad and iPhone and other devices that support the EPUB format.

Like other digital books, you can now bookmark a page, adjust the font size, highlight important text, search for topics, and even share passages on Twitter and Facebook. To learn more about EPUB and to see if your device is compatible, read the wiki entry.

A Chairman’s Farewell

Gina BuzbyI have such mixed emotions as I write this.  I am so excited about our upcoming adventure as we “transition from the military” to civilian life…but, I will miss leading such an incredible organization as Naval Services FamilyLine.

Yet, I see this as such an opportunity to do some fun things and have more control of where we live and what we do!  It was just 17 years ago that I was a civilian…it seems like just yesterday:)  Buz and I were “late-in-life” first time, newlyweds.  I had owned my own home, just earned my Masters and had a promising career in Higher Education Administration and freelance Graphic Design on the side. 

Fast forward to right after the wedding:  I have put all of my possessions, and wedding gifts, into storage.  I’ve moved onboard a 46 foot, wooden boat three states away from family and friends.  My newlywed husband is calling to say he’ll be home at 1900…and I have no idea what that means.  The Corpsman at the clinic asked for “my last four” (meaning of course, my sponsor’s last four social security numbers)...I had no idea if he meant shots or last four visits?  My clothes smelled like diesel fuel and I was cooking dinner in a 3 foot by 5 foot “galley”.  Now, fast-fast forward - 13 moves in 17 years.  We’ve lived in some fantastic places and traveled to many more.  Our homes were really cool: Italy, Florida, Hawaii, Rhode Island, Maryland, Virginia and Cuba!  It has been a fabulous “Operation Joint Adventure” - the nickname Buz gave our wedding.  Buz retires on August 1st as a Rear Admiral (Upper Half) with 34 years of service!  I am so proud of him and have been honored to serve beside him.

One of the smartest things I did -advice from a Navy Wife mentor- was volunteer at Naval Services FamilyLine.  I started out as a “test rat” for the Command Spouse Leadership Course.  The summer before the course came to be - I audited several of Buz’s leadership courses and wrote up assessments for Naval Services FamilyLine.  Later that Fall, the course started - in Newport, Rhode Island.  I became the Newsletter Editor for FamilyLine.  And then a mentor for the Command Spouse Leadership Course, Director of the Steering Committee and then Senior Flag Spouse Advisor which also made me Advisor to FamilyLine.  And now, finishing up a year as Chairman of NSFL.  The joys of working with a group you totally believe in - they’re endless! And, I have been so very blessed with wonderful, supportive friends.  There were some times - years ago - when I was ready to put all leadership inclinations behind me and because of those I entered this job with great trepidation.  God blessed me with a fabulous board of wise volunteers.  They came out of the “woodwork” - they said “yes” when I asked if they would do the job.  They did the job far beyond my expectations and my year has been a joyful, fulfilling and successful one because of them.  Thank you to my board and to all of our volunteers.  “We are FamilyLine”!

I am saying “farewell” as Chairman, but I love this organization and hope to stay a proponnent and spokesperson for as long as possible. And, God willing, I hope to be raising a glass in toast during the 2015 50th Anniversary of Naval Services FamilyLine!!!!!

A parting piece of advice: Always be a part of something bigger than yourselves.  Parenting is definitely a great example of “passing it forward”.  But, when at all possible, squeeze in some time to volunteer with a group that makes a difference.  If you do already - thank you!!!!  And help spread the word about this wonderful organization - Naval Services FamilyLine!!!

Gina Buzby
Chairman,  Naval Services FamilyLine

Thank you, Battelle Memorial Institute!

Naval Services FamilyLine was the grateful recipient of a generous donation from Battelle Memorial Institute.

Fred Byus, RDML, USN (Ret) and Vice President of the Navy Market Group with Battelle, presented NSFL with a check for $2,500 at the organization’s April board meeting, held at their headquarters at the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C.

“What you do truly impacts the lives of our military,” Byus said. “We plan to continue to support Naval Services FamilyLine however possible, and believe more corporations should do the same.”

“Battelle’s generous support enables Naval Services FamilyLine to continue to conduct training and mentoring, “ NSFL Chairman, Gina Buzby, pointed out.  “More than 200 volunteers have donated over 23,000 hours of service educating family members on the many facets of life associated with being part of the sea service.”

Naval Services FamilyLine (NSFL) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard families worldwide.  The volunteer organization was established nearly 50 years ago to provide resources and mentorship to improve the quality of life for every Navy family.

Some of those projects include a Guideline Series – written and online information regarding all aspects of military service – from deployments and moves to embracing new roles.  Their CORE Library offers “workshops in a box” that feature handouts, speaker materials, sample invitations and other materials needed to host a workshop.  The organization also conducts training for new command spouses to “learn the ropes” and meet the challenges of their new roles.  The group’s Compass course – a three-day “Navy 101” class – is great for families new to a base or command – or new to the military.

Battelle has supported us for five years in a row, said Buzby. “They consistently ask us about our projects, she said, “showing us they truly care.”

Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio since its founding in 1929, Battelle Memorial Institute serves the national security, health and life sciences as well as the energy and environmental industries.  Battelle is the world’s largest nonprofit research and development organization, with more than 22,000 global employees.  Battelle’s mission includes a strong charitable commitment to community development and education. 

“Naval Services FamilyLine really fits our charitable goals very well,” Byus said.  “Thank you for what you do.”

We Want You!

Volunteering is inherit in the military community and lifestyle.  Not only does volunteering have a meaningful, positive impact on your community, but it can have numerous benefits for you to include: learning or developing a new skill, providing a sense of achievement, boosting your career options, obtaining new experiences and meeting new people. 

Naval Services FamilyLine is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization, which was founded by spouses to support other spouses. We rely exclusively on the talents and contributions of our volunteer force in order to fulfill our mission.  We have both formal FamilyLine Board positions as well as informal opportunities available. Currently, we need a Publications Director and Co-Director to oversee the editing, printing, and distribution of Sea Legs and the Guideline Series.

Additionally, we have urgent needs for Field Representatives in multiple Navy locations to include Washington, DC; Norfolk, VA; Jacksonsville, FL; Pensacola, FL; Bremerton, WA; Whidbey Island, WA; Everett, WA; Charleston, SC; Great Lakes, IL; Lemoore, CA; Rota, Spain;  Naples, Italy; and Sigonella, Italy.  Field Representative are responsible for maintaining a relationship with local Fleet and Family Support Centers, assisting with NSFL publication orders and informing FFSC personnel of FamilyLine events, activities, and resources.  Field Representatives work closely with local Spouse Clubs and Command Ombudsmen to educate them on and provide FamilyLine resources.  Review the Field Representative Responsibility Checklist for more details.

A common myth is that you have be in the Washington D.C area to volunteer at FamilyLine.  While we have many individuals, who come to the FamilyLine Office on the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C,  we have many more making contributions to the FamilyLine from all all over the globe as COMPASS mentors, Field Area Representatives, Social Media Team, and Command Spouse Leadership Mentors.  Additionally there are multiple ways you can contribute virtually in areas such as database management, fundraising, publicity, social media, or consider becoming a FamilyLine blogger.

FamilyLine offers a full range of volunteer opportunities to fit your individual needs and personal goals in order to provide a meaningful, supported volunteer experience. If you are interested in putting your time, talents, and expertise to good use for Navy Families please contact us at FamilyLine Office.

Kristi is our Star!

She Runs, She Organizes, She Appears on TV
Kristi is our Star!

Kristi has been a volunteer with FamilyLine for a decade and was nurturing the Navy community before that as a Navy Nurse. We are grateful for her work as the Field Rep Director* and for the duties she has taken on as a COMPASS Mentor. Kristi even started the Mayport COMPASS team.

She gets her energy from running, and confesses to preferring a run to a massage. What has she learned in all these years? She advises us to be careful with relationships in this Navy Family. If you “burn a bridge” with spouse, they will surely become your neighbors at your next duty station.

Outside the realm of volunteering for FamilyLine, she has been devoting time to politics. Oh, and did we mention she’s a star? In July of 2011 she was on the Sean Hannity Show for an hour. Sorry Sean, we got our hands on her star power first!
Thanks, Kristi, for all of your contributions.

*Field Representatives help share FamilyLine resources at different locations worldwide. Interested? Drop us at line at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Thank You, Boutiki!

FamilyLine was honored to be selected as a recipient of a charitable donation by Boutiki, a non-profit retail corporation that recently celebrated 40 years of giving.

Located at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam in Hawaii, Boutiki first opened in 1973 by Navy wives wishing to raise money for charity by selling handmade crafts. Much of the merchandise is still created locally, often by military spouses. Staffed by volunteers, Boutiki is open to military and civilians. All profits are donated to charities and organizations that support the Oahu military and the military family.

Boutiki is located at 640 Club Road, Pearl Harbor, HI 96860.

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