CPO Pinning Ceremony

Phase II of the CPO training season is nearing an end and it will soon be time to welcome our newest Chief Petty Officers into the CPO Mess.

This event is called the Pinning Ceremony. The ceremony, steeped in tradition, is a time honored event where the Commanding Officer and Command Master Chief or Chief of the Boat musters the crew so all can witness this transformation to khaki. Each new Chief is recognized and will receive their anchors and cover. Families and guests are invited and encouraged to attend in order to share in this major milestone.
- excerpt taken from “Guidelines for the Spouses of Chief Petty Officers”

Senior Airman Barbara Patton of AFN Misawa shared the video below. It offers a glimpse into the ceremony and the significance of this event.

We made it. It was a very humbling experience. Through the last six and a half weeks we struggled, we had to pull together, and in the end, it was all worth it.
- Chief Montalvo