FamilyLine’s Guide to Volunteering

Cesar is a different kind of Military Working Dog

As a non-profit organization, FamilyLine relies on volunteers to accomplish our mission of empowering sea service families. We have over 400 volunteers assigned to duty stations around the world that provide the sea service community with information, resources, and mentoring. While most of our volunteers are military spouses, some are active duty personnel, military children, and even four-legged family members like Cesar. For military families that are accustomed to frequent moves, volunteering is a healthy way to embrace your new community, avoid isolation, and build a great resume. Here are a few guidelines to help you get started:

1. Identify a cause or organization that you’re passionate about.
Your time is valuable so choose something that is worth your time and energy. Do something that makes you smile!

2. Use your skills but don’t be afraid to learn new ones.
Volunteer opportunities that take advantage of your skill set are ideal to keep from getting rusty, but think of every volunteer position as an opportunity to build your resume.

3. Be professional and honor your commitments.
While you may not be getting paid, there are others depending on you so it’s important to keep your word. And, you never know, your volunteer activities may lead to a paid position.

4. Be realistic about how much time you have to offer.
Non-profit organizations will gladly take every minute you have to volunteer but you will enjoy the experience more if you don’t feel overextended.

5. Have fun!!

Service With A SmileCat naps are essential

Cesar practices “Service with a Smile” and believes cat naps are essential to a healthy working environment.