MilSpouse Q & A

Our sailor will be heading out to sea very soon. As his family, are we allowed to send mail while the ship is underway or deployed?

Tamara: Of course!  Sailors love to receive mail and packages from home.  Be sure to get his or her complete address.  Overseas postage rates do not apply as all mail goes through the fleet post office.  Please be aware that there will be times mail is delayed due to the ship’s movement.

Sheri: YES!  Your sailor will provide you with a ship or shore address and will appreciate as much “snail mail” and packages as you want to send.  You can use flat rate boxes provided by the post office.  Remember that your sailor may be too busy to write to you, but he or she will LOVE hearing about even the little things that go on around home.  Don’t be afraid to be “newsy”; share everything!

Mercedes: Yes.  If your sailor doesn’t provide you with their mailing address check out the ship’s Facebook page or website for the mailing address.  Both resources will have contact information for the command OMBUDSMAN (a fancy term meaning ship to family and family to ship communicator) and he/she will be able to assist you in many ways.

My boyfriend just let for boot camp. I think about him all day long and can’t stop crying. Is this going to get easier?

Gina: Stay busy, stay positive and vent with a trusted friend.  But, put yourself in his place…he will want to know you miss him but not to the point of having him worry.

Jen: Boot camp is like any other separation you might experience in a relationship. Admittedly, the fact that it is attached to the Military makes it seem more dire. Long distance relationships can foster fears that create strains which are not good for either of you. He misses you also, but he has his hands full both physically and mentally. Focus on being a good support to your boyfriend, be positive when talking, emailing or Skyping. Find someone who can be your support; other military spouses or girlfriends, family or pastor. Boot camp is usually about 8 weeks long, count off the days, plan a big celebration for his graduation/Pass and Review and homecoming, it will be over before you know it.

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