MilSpouse Q & A

Does OPSEC apply to Facebook? I’m concerned about some of the things my friend is posting but I don’t want to say something and blow it out of proportion. What should I do?

Gina: Yes, OPSEC does apply!

Jen: OPSEC applies to everything! Everyone should be mindful to keep operational information out of all public communications. If you feel someone is revealing too much, speak to them directly, reminding them they are putting all of our sailors and warriors at risk. You can also alert the CMC/COB spouse or a spouse in the wardroom, who will quietly speak with the person.

Check out the Navy’s OPSEC SnapShot for more information.

Am I eligible to speak to the Chaplain about a personal issue? My spouse is active duty and currently deployed. Will his command be informed?

Nikki: Yes, you are. Your visit is confidential unless you share that you may harm yourself.

Shawn: Yes, you as a spouse can speak to a Navy Chaplain as they are also permitted to provide pastoral care. Any information or counseling you receive is completely confidential unless it is information that involves harm to yourself or others.