COMPASS Program Course Outline

Heather, from Team Annapolis, demonstrates how you can become a Deployment Super Hero!

Section 1 - Introduction

This section introduces Navy spouses to the COMPASS concept and welcomes spouses to the Navy family. “The COMPASS Experience” is likened to a trip to a foreign country. When spouses are aware of the resources available to them, their journey will be more enjoyable and successful.

Section 2 - U.S. Navy - Organization, History and Tradition

This section provides historical insights and discusses the Navy’s traditions. It also outlines the structure and mission of the Navy. Participants leave with a better understanding of the the Navy’s core values and provides insight to the Navy culture and their Sailor’s role in National Defense.

Section 3 - Navigating the Maze - Benefits and Services

This section presents an overview of the benefits, privileges, and resources available to Navy families. Participants also will understand the role of the Chaplain, Command Ombudsman, healthcare, the Fleet and Family Support Center, legal services and much more. 

Section 4 - I$ That All There I$? - Personal Finance

Section 4 introduces participants to an LES (Leave and Earnings Statement), MyPay, the Thrift Saving Plan, and Survivor Benefits Plan. It also emphasizes the importance of a budget and the many more financial resources available to military families.

Section 5 - Changing Ports - Moving in the Navy

Be informed! Be prepared! Be flexible! The moving section stresses the importance of planning ahead and being aware of the many resources and entitlements that are available for a permanent change of duty station move. Participants are given tips and advice on how to make a move less stressful.

Section 6 - Local Insights

Exploring your Community: This section provides useful tips and ideas to help recently relocated Navy families adjust to their new community, avoiding isolation. Spouses also become aware of local volunteer opportunities and activities. Each Team location will afford different resources and opportunities.

Section 7 - Anchors Aweigh

Dealing with Deployment: Emotional Cycle, Separation and Reunion: Section 7 covers the cycle of deployment and provides participants with tools to deal with the unique separations that are inherent to the navy lifestyle. Check out our “Deployment Super Hero” (pictured above). 

Section 8 - Getting Along

Healthy Communication: This section is usually presented by an area Chaplain and teaches participants about the different ways people communicate. Participants will learn about ways to focus on healthy, positive communication with their spouses and others.

Section 9 - Bon Voyage and Celebration

The Journey Begins: This section sums up the COMPASS journey and encourages participants to continue developing their knowledge and skills to pass on to other new spouses. COMPASS closes with a celebration of the journey ahead, complete with a cake, certificates and COMPASS tote bags filled with resources to use in the future.